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Does not work

It close before start playing!


I want my money back. Says error cant open camera. Piece of junk. Where do I get my money back?

Great App

Fun and amazing app


I paid for this app and it looks like someone actually cut my face out with sissors and pasted. Very poor quality. Disappointed.


This app never works I can’t take a photo through the app most of the time. Also I no longer have access to the videos

Had issues but resolved !

Had issues but got fairly quick response from the app team. (Thank you) They helped work through the issue and now the app works as advertised. Response: The problem is that every time it comes up with an error. The error reads “ Oops! It’s a lot of you and our servers are a bit jammed. Try back later. Thanks !” I have tried at different times and have never once got it to work.

Not good

I was hoping it would do a more sophisticated job of blending my face image to the video. It doesn’t appear to blend the image to the video at all. To me it looks like it just pastes a blunt cutout of your face over the video faces. Probably just matches eyes and mouth or something. In any case the demo videos they show are WAY better than anything I was able to create. I wish I hadn’t purchased this app.

Funny app

Really cool app. Just wish we could create our own from our other favorite movies

Total crap.

Worthless in my opinion.


I bought the app because the demo I saw was from the movie Top Gun. Just so happens Top Gun is NOT in the movie library. What a rip off. The Facebook ad had no mention of FaceOscar and when I clicked on the ad, it did not take me to Face Oscar It took me to the FaceStar app. Deceptive.

Absolutely the best!!!

Too much fun, thanks

Bring back my money now


Waste of Money

Don’t fall for it...

Save the money

I don’t normally talk bad about an app but this was bad. Tried many times to snap a picture it kept saying could not find a face. And then when it did there was a shadow going across it and it was taken during the day. What waste of money. Should have know better. Needs work sadly.

Don’t purchase

Didn’t work waste of money!!!!


Don’t waste your time. Definitely not worth it. It’s not about the money. Low quality and very short clips Refund please.

Save your money!

Really bad quality, few movies, mostly men characters.

Outright scam

I demand my money back. You should be locked up for scamming innocent civilians like this. I’m not letting this go away. I’m getting a refund.

I want a refund

I want. Refund

Total Garbage

Save your money. I have seen teenagers do better stuff. Face is all disproportionate, and skin tones are weird. Glitchy too! Don’t DO IT! Your 2.99 will be better spent at Taco Bell!

So bad

This is terrible I tried for an hour to make it not blurry! No matter what it was just sad I want my money back!!!!!!


No clue how this works or if it works. It keeps asking me to buy the app when I just paid to download it.

No sound

Despite having the volume up AND clicking on the sound button



Save your money

This App should be free. Crashes every time...

Not what’s advertised.

No matter how you take the picture and try to fit your face as close as possible you will still look retarded. I don’t care what you say about adjusting it, it doesn’t work. GARBAGE!!!!! And for the developers response, go f@$k youreself!

Save your money

It would be better spent on three White Castle sliders, even considering the digestive issues the next day.


Lots of fun! Lots of laughs !!


Bought the app a week ago still has not worked ripped off

Very funny

It’s fun! Needs more movies

No Black characters to blend in with our skin

Need at least one movie with an African American actor or actress so we can enjoy the illusion of the app also...

Your face never fits properly

This app has potential but, until the fit of the face over the actor is improved it’s garbage.


Do NOT waste your money on this app!

it is pretty pretty good

it is a great idea and is implemented as good as it could be. the results aren’t out of this world, in terms of realism, but it is usually very funny to project yourself onto these videos in this manner.

No sound

I payed for this app anticipating all videos I could make only to be disappointed that it has no sound. Very upset. And the lack of more "black actors" takes away from people like us trying to find a face that would fit

It’s really funny but there’s room for improvement

I enjoy this app but my face doesn’t always get cut out the way I want it. No matter how I move it. There’s room for improvement there. Also there isn’t a white template for the photos you take out of the camera roll which makes it impossible to use them. Improve those two things and we’re good 👌🏼


For sure not what it seems. Wouldn’t recommend downloading.

Complete waste of money!!!

Probably the worst app I’ve ever downloaded and I actually paid for this one! I could’ve had more fun watching the 3 bucks being flushed down the toilet.


Why can’t I see the movie before you try to make me buy it

Not working

Can’t get it to work keeps crashing. Not made a video yet. Refund please.

This app is a joke . I can’t believe I paid for it please give me my money back

Joke app

Doesn’t work

Terrible app experience so far.

Love this App!

Wish there were more movie character choices but this is a really fun app!

Don’t wast even 1 cent

Wast of money editing is a joke- spent way to much on a app that looks horrible


Below standard product.

Try and make couple movies. It’s not romantic if I’m not with my wife in the movie.

Try and make couple movies. It’s not romantic if I’m not with my wife in the movie.


the sample videos on instagram must be made by another app because this is truly horrendous. faces don't match up at all, $2.99 is $2.99 too much.

What crap is this!!!!

I can’t believe this stupid app is even available here. Terrible design, doesn’t work and constantly freezing. iPhone X user so don’t even tell me it’s the phone. Pure junk

Bad bad bad

Waste of money. I wear glasses and none of the videos looked like me. All of the removed my glasses and looked like a cartoon. And I’m very good looking. So my mom tells me. Seriously, waste of money

Waste of time and money! False advertising!

You get to make three 10 seconds videos. The idea is great but this is not an app to pay for. I want my money back!

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